Colocation Tips
April 4, 2017

How to Setup Colocation Server Easily


There are many reasons why people want to use colocation server instead of the dedicated server. Regardless their reasons, they often face the same problem when doing the setup. If you also happen to have the same problem, the main thing you need to consider is the management of racks for the server. You might wonder what makes it so important. As you probably already know, the servers are connected to other equipment using cables. If you do not manage the rack in well-organized method, the cable will end up messy. Rack management for the server is also important to prevent someone unplugs the wrong cable. Proper management of server rack allows you to locate the correct cable to unplug.


Several types of racks are available to help you manage the setup of colocation server. The rack dimension should be our first priority. Prioritize to choose rack with deeper design. This design has plenty benefits. One of them is to give easy access for the cables. Most importantly, it also gives better ventilation than shallow rack design. Talking about ventilation, you need to make sure that there is not increasing heat in particular spot. By allocating large space between panels, the heat will be distributed evenly by the ventilation system. The heat of those panels will not be increasing if it has proper ventilation.


After you select the proper rack for your colocation server, it is time to place them. It is important to manage the equipment in the place where they belong. Consider the amount of the server installed as to help you calculating the space it requires. You also need to consider the placement of the switches as well. Place the panels located close to the switch it correspond to the panel. Alternatively, select integrated switch system that allows you to control the power for each panel from one spot.


The last step on managing colocation server setup is managing the cable. In terms of managing the cable, you can try different approaches. Color coding approach is considered as one of those methods. Use cable with the same color corresponding to the same function. After that, you can distribute the cable on each panel in well-organized manner. Categorize them by the function is the best way to start the setup. By considering those steps, you will be able to create practical colocation server setup. As a bonus, it will also look good as well.