Data Center
January 25, 2017

Differentiating Cloud Vs Data Center


Before you are getting into what makes cloud vs data center difference, you should know first about outsourcing which may you have frequently heard. This understanding may be needed before going further to discuss about data center and cloud. The term outsourcing refers to the act of hiring another person or someone else in order to provide essential service. Some organization do this outsourcing practice to make them more focus on things or field that they can do the best. As for organization that provides outsourcing service, they can come from those who are experts within such business. Thus, they can do better job on outsourcing.

Now, this section is going further to differentiate cloud vs data center. The first one to be discussed is about data center. It is physical space which is secured as the house for server, mainframes, switches or router, disks, as well as another computer related to hardware. The growth of data center is increasing since the technology of information becomes the heart in every business. Therefore, a company runs data center properly that can assure the company itself, the employees, and the customers to get access on technology and information resources as needed. Any organization could own as well as mange entire operation of data center.

The next point to discuss is of course about the cloud. Even though you have known data center as mentioned above, you need to complete your understanding of cloud vs data center by knowing the cloud as well. It could be said that cloud computing or cloud is included as the latest data center form and outsourcing of computer services. The providers of cloud service set up the data center to be used by clients. Companies will be able to lease computer resources as needed from providers who are going to manage a secure and shared center of data for another company.

Cloud vs data center are also difference in term of adaptability. In designing data center, the company has to think the long term. They need to remember that they are going to unable to change capacity of storage. Workloading the system is able to handle with no need to install and purchase additional equipment. Meanwhile, cloud presents a system which is more scalable to adapt the change in your business as needed. Data center and cloud also have differences in cost. If data center is compared to cloud, it more time consuming and expensive to build, while cloud generally costs more effective.