Data Center Management
June 19, 2017

How to Do Data Center Migration

how to do datacenter migration

Migrating or relocating data center is not a simple task to do. It takes quite a time since the whole process needs well managed plan and execution. Business that is currently running and customers’ loyalty are also at stake. It is because there are possible interruptions in the company operations since regular working schedules is becoming highly subject to change. When plan is made, the moving itself will offer latent complexities as people have to deal with muddled cables, hundreds of servers, and the applications that have stayed longer than you do.


Nevertheless, there are some situations that make data center migration becomes inevitable for a company. Among the reasons is that the space availability does not go along the growth of the business. The growing business is a thing that every company could expect, but it entails advancement of infrastructure to support the continuity of the enterprise. While managing data center migration is somehow risky, it offers promising continuity of the business when it is done thoroughly. Overall, the process could be successfully executed if the company pays great attention on the planning, execution, and evaluation after the installation process are completed.


Planning the migration is initial step to do yet crucial ones. When the whole process is well planned, the next step would be less breath taking, if cannot be called easy. The plan should include preparing the new environment and making sure that it is sufficient for longer future needs. It will be better if company prepares new environment that surpass the minimum requirements so future migration could be minimized. It should also include thorough scheduling, accurate timing and executor preparation. Informing every divisions and parties that might be affected by the migration is not to mention prominent. It will prevent unexpected disappointment and keep the customers’ trust.


When every aspect is considered carefully during preparation time, including data backup, migration is ready to perform. A checklist could come handy to ensure every step is followed and nothing is forgotten. It is probably the most challenging process for dealing with seemingly never ending cables and stuffs relocation needs perseverance. If the whole transfer is completed, make sure to recheck whether everything is installed correctly. A post migration review is the last step that cannot be neglected. It covers installation checking, electricity checking, and observation on overall environment. When things go wrong, it could be detected as soon as possible and avoid the following risks.