Data Center Management
March 29, 2017

Why Should Data Center Elements be Monitored?


Data center has to always be monitored to ensure its optimal operation and performance. Basically, the data center monitoring refers to broad process focusing to monitor the entire infrastructure for data center. It is performed with the help of automated tools. These are the tools that provide the necessary statistical insights into the status or performance of the data center. Then, the data center administrator uses this data to identify any irregularities and fix them.

In a long term, the monitoring is a potential thing because it detects any minor and major issues earlier before the issues get worse and cause major damage to the data center facility. In other work, it is a necessary decision in terms of saving the business from any financial losses. Once anomalies or irregularities are found during the monitoring by IT staff or specialist,   the fixing will soon begin. Usually, when the anomalies happen, there are rapid changes in the computing. As a result, it leads to increased computational power and higher air cooling requirements.


With the monitoring ongoing 24 hours a day, it will be easier for the managers to response to any avert dangers. The monitoring is also an important process in terms of responding to change of needs and technologies. This way, the data center will always be operated with the latest technologies to fulfill the changing needs of the clients.


During the monitoring process, it usually includes the monitoring of the security uptime and performance of data center servers and the computers, the monitoring and managing of network problems whenever they arise, and the providing of necessary data center components such as software, network, storage and computers. There are also other components to be monitored including the power consumption and availability, the physical data center security in terms of protecting the facility from unauthorized personnel, ventilation and heating system and also the data center temperature.


There is particular monitoring method being used often. It is the NILM which stands for non-intrusive load monitoring. This is a particular system specifically designed to monitor both the voltage an current waveforms of the electrical measurements in software. It has been proven to be effective in dramatically reducing the measurements points number. At the same time, it also provides the soft measurement for all equipment that would not be monitored as well. With the use of this system, the monitoring process can be performed much easier, more effective and efficient.