Data Center Management
December 26, 2016

Why Have Multiple Data Centers These Days


When it comes to conduct a business in this century, the way users do process as well as consume the information are influenced by several things. They are such as application delivery, IT consumption, and server virtualization. Due to all of these factors, the involvement of data center is in high demand to operate. Talking about data center, people sometimes also frequently ask about multiple data center. Is it advisable for clustering across multiple data center? In order to answer the question of why have multiple data centers these days, you can pay attention to further explanation in the following section.

Before knowing why have multiple data centers is important, you may need to know that there are three types of satellite. The first one is called as data room. This satellite data center is located on every floor. It is now known as TTR or tenant technology room, but formerly it was known as IDF or intermediate distribution frame. The second kind of satellite in data center is regional office contains of local data center. This kind of data center provides services subset like document servers as well as email. As for the third type is data center with different state location from main center. This third type is existed for reducing the cost of escalating utility constantly.

After knowing the type of satellite in data center, now you are going to know why have multiple data centers these days. The answer for such question could be probably because it is one of the key to continue a business. There is a relation between multiple data center and power saving. It is said that it will be able to reduce power bills in every location, especially when the satellite is within an area with lower cost of power. This can happen because computing load is able to be spread using multiple locations. Satellite data center is typically built for data only. By doing so, it will be able to handle data and voice in same space to make it efficient much more.

Satellite data center will make sense regarding several information including dependent industries. Centralization of data center could also make sense for organization or industry which depends on shipping equipment and manufacturing more. This step could be taken in order to lower the cost of IT. By this explanation, it is expected that this can answer your question of why have multiple data centers.