Data Center
July 7, 2015

How Important a Budget for Data Center

A budget for data center is extremely important. Unfortunately, many business owners overlook it. They might invest some money on data center infrastructure but they fail to understand that budgeting plays a crucial role in keeping a data center reliable. In fact, data center reliability greatly influences business growth. A business can collapse after suffering from a long unavailability of data center. From the information provided by National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, many businesses that experience a downtime in their data center for 10 days or more have made a bankruptcy statement within one year.


Basically, a budget for data center allows an easier data center management and maintenance in which these 2 factors determine the reliability of a data center. A data center consists of systems and components that work together to perform their required functions. The systems are made of a set of programs that require electricity to work. When a blackout occurs, the systems might not work properly. This will result in the unavailability of data center. To avoid this unexpected event, a power backup should be provided. A sufficient budget gives business owners an ability to buy a power backup and to make sure that it works properly.


Then, because data center works for twenty four hours a day and seven days a week, its components can become extremely hot easily. This fact means that data center is always at risk of overheating. To avoid overheating, business owners need to invest in a cooling system. If they have sufficient budget, they can easily buy a cooling system. They can also easily maintain it because they have the required fund to cover the maintenance cost. Therefore, before business owners start building their own or outsourcing data center, it is better for them to determine the budget for data center.