Data Center
August 3, 2015

Requirements for Modern Data Center

Nex Data Center

Most companies start their data center with old school servers. However, because business is expanding and the need of a more reliable data center is increasing, a modern data center is highly needed. The role, personality and structure of a data center needs to improved to meet the needs of business world otherwise a business cannot compete with other businesses. Basically, the importance of having a modern data center for a business is to manage different types of risks, provide insight information about a business, and help making business innovation.



To create a modern data center, there are some requirements to fulfill. The first is the use of commodity hardware. There is not any need to use specialized hardware because they are not only expensive but also not flexible. A modern data center uses commodity hardware provided by cloud providers because such hardware can be run with software. The second is modular design. It is true that businesses need more servers for their data center. However, even though more servers are needed, a bigger building is not needed. What business owners should consider is using a modularization. This system allows them to use one appliance to connect the entire network.



Then, the third requirement is software. A modern data center uses software to control all systems. This enables automatic control and reduces the use of specialized hardware. In other words, this opportunity gives business owners a chance to save money on their data center. Furthermore, a reliably security system is needed because it protects data center from data breaches. The system should be multiple security systems in order to reap maximum benefits. Moreover, appropriate equipment like cooling system is required to make sure that the systems work well and to avoid hardware overheating. The equipment should also be maintained regularly so that they can function well.