Data Center
February 17, 2017

What Is Enterprise Data Center?


Do you know what is Enterprise Data Center? Maybe a lot of reader visited our page already know what is data center. But, there are a lot of people who are not familiar with “enterprise data center”. Every company with internet based needs a place to keep and back up their users file. For example, your phone needs the memory card to save your files. So basically, in a simple sentence, data center is a brain or the engine of internet. In conclusion, the enterprise data center is the center of internet for particular enterprise. This data center is usually owned by some companies which work with internet.

Technically, data center works as storage. If you have some data to keep and back up, you can only use your laptop to save those data. But, for big enterprises, when there are more and more data to keep, they need something bigger to keep those memories. This data center is where all the information is stored, and it usually uses separated location from the company’s building.

The enterprise data center commonly establishes as a gigantic building with a lot of power, cooling system as well as computers. It is upon row of machine. Moreover, all the machines and power inside are working together to provide the services which make that significant enterprise’s network function. The data center also equipped with their backup uninterruptible power supplies. So, even if there is a problem like electricity failure or power loss, the server and organization that they support can keep on running.

Some people think that internet of the particular company is just floating around in the sky. But actually, it is a real physical thing. Well, internet is a real big physical building, interconnected through miles of fiber and cables. In addition, internet can share data back and forth to one another. Most companies are usually keeping at least some data center’s capacities.

The enterprise data center also helps to prevent some accidents on the files, such as natural disaster, accidentally deleted files, or theft. The facility also needs to be maintained around-the-clock by IT professionals, mechanical experts, and electrical engineers. It is to ensure that the data center runs reliably. As usual, to keep the hot temperature of data center to be friendly, they use some air conditioner that similar with the one that we use on the car or at home. However, since the cooling technique is not friendly for the nature, some companies have established eco-friendly cooling which can reduce the pollution and the cost.