June 13, 2017

Why Is Colocation So Expensive


There are two ways of obtaining service for data center. Aside from using dedicated data center, some people can also take advantage of colocation server. Colocation server has plenty of benefits compared to dedicated data center. However, it also has significant downside compared to the dedicated data center. The service of colocation server is higher than dedicated data center. It is important to understand about how expensive it could be since it becomes the prime consideration when you want to use the colocation server. In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons behind this expensive cost.


Hosting using dedicated data center is different than using colocation server. In dedicated data center, the owner leashing the web server to the clients who wish to use the service. However, it might be slightly different if you want to use colocation server. In the colocation server case, you will also get the storage space as well. This storage space is intended as private web server. Some people store their data on web server from their house. By taking advantage of colocation server, you can store the data on the same establishment instead. It allows you to control and monitor everything from the same place.



The second reason that makes colocation server is more expensive related to the security reasons. The security of colocation server is higher than dedicated server. Colocation server often uses incredible security. The colocation server security covers both virtual and physical security. The virtual security is implemented through firewall and other protection programs. Meanwhile, the physical security involves the clearance permission given to the people who can access the server. It becomes more expensive if the colocation server also implements the surveillance system as well. Surveillance system works for 24 hours in a day. The surveillance system even runs during the holiday.



As conclusion, the security of your server is the top priority of colocation server. If you are a big client who want to make sure that your data is protected and stored under the best server, colocation server is highly recommended. The service you get from this colocation server is definitely worth every penny you spend for it. It is true that colocation server is higher than dedicated one. However, you will get excellent service. On top of that, the security of your data center is ensured. If you are aiming for service with low price, you can always switch for dedicated data center instead. This option is highly depending on the budget you allocated for it.