Data Center Environment
November 10, 2015

Data Centers and Water Issues


Data center is an integral part in this internet era. This device is needed to store cloud data. Data center offers advantages to internet users. With this service, internet users can save more money and time. However, there is a drawback from this device. It is said that data center industry has caused drought in California. Data center needs gallons of water to keep it cool. A medium size data center with 15 megawatt power needs 80 to 130 million of water a year. It is indeed a lot of water for a single center. And there are hundreds of data centers in California alone. So multiply it and you will get amazing figures.


New method for data center cooling system

Due to the high water use in data center cooling system, new method is implemented. Chemical refrigerant is used to cool data center. Emerson Network Power applied this new cooling system earlier this year on its Libert DSE systems. Chemical refrigerant is used in the cooling circuit of the data center. It is combined with the use of outside air cooling when it is possible for maximum result. In certain condition, it uses the conventional CRAC. Applying this new cooling system is more efficient compare to the conventional cooling system. It also means less water use in cooling the data center. However, this new method has not been used widely. It also takes more electricity to turn on the chillers.


Pros and cons of water cooling system on data center

Water cooling system remains a controversy so far. This cooling system indeed use billion gallons a year to cool the data centers. However, it takes lesser electricity power to cool this device. In consequence, companies can save more budgets since water is cheaper than electricity. Some people think that this high amount of water worth the benefits that the society gets from data centers.