Data Center Environment
December 14, 2016

Does Data Center Location Matter? A Question of Safety and Accessibility


Choosing a data center location for your business is a tricky job to be done. There are several factors that have to be considered in deciding where you should locate your data center for your business. In doing so, companies and businessman had to put significant amount of investment in the form establishment, operational, support, as well as maintenance costs. Thus, there are a lot of factors that we have to analyze before answering the question of “does data center location matter?” or not.

First thing that has to be put into consideration when choosing a place for data center location is the legal and jurisdiction system in the data center location. It is indeed essential for companies and businessman to have an understanding on laws regarding data storage and management before deciding a location for data center. Some countries like Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil and Japan, which are acknowledged as grade “A” countries, have laws that provide good protections for data center from interventions even in the level of intelligence. Some other countries such as the United States and Germany offer less protective laws and put some room for intelligence to intervene. Therefore, the answer to “does data center location matter?” is a yes because picking a wrong location for your data center could harm the data in long run.

Another issue that has to be taken into account in picking a data center location is the distance between the data center location and customer base as well as the companies’ headquarters. Locating your data center near to the place where your customers are positioned will make the work flow from the data center to your people becoming more optimal. To add, there are also several businesses that just found it comfortable when they can physically see and access their IT habitat. This will make a stronger yes to answer the question of “does data center location matter?”.

In conclusion, the answer to the question of “does data center location matter?” is an absolute yes. Picking a data center location needs a lot of considerations regarding the distance between the data center location and the customer base as well as the understanding on countries laws and jurisdictions on the issue of data protection. Picking a wrong place for your data location could actually harm your business, and the keywords to successfully decide where you should locate the data center rely on the issue of accessibility and safety.