Data Center Environment
May 13, 2015

Energy Consumption and Environmental Effects of a Data Center

Do you know that a data center consumes lots of energy and affects environment seriously? Basically, a data center uses power for two purpose; they are to run its actual equipment and to cool the equipment. It is true that a data center should be always on as it serves as the place where all information is stored. Because servers in data center are always on, they need power for twenty four hours a day. The continuous operation of servers may also overheat the sockets and other crucial components. If there is no cooling system, the overheated sockets may lead to fire.

Actually, since the energy consumption is high, energy bill that should be paid is also high. The more the number of the servers, the higher the energy bill is. This means that those who have a big data center must prepare lots of money for the power. In fact, the high energy consumption also affects the environment because the energy is created from the burning of fossil fuel. If there are lots of servers to support, there is surely lots of fossil fuel to burn. In fact, fossil fuel cannot regenerate; they will extinct one day. Then, because a physical data center sits on land, it surely produces liquid and solid wastes. These wastes can affect the environment because it produces greenhouse gas emission.


Because a data center needs lots of energy and produces wastes, the idea of a green data center is highlighted. The servers should be created in such a way so that they become energy efficient. The cooling system can be replaced by placing the data center in a cooler environment or by building the data center near good fiber connectivity. Using an environmental friendly data center, you can still have a reliable data center without wasting lots of energy and adding wastes to environment.