Data Center Environment
August 15, 2017

Why You Need Uninterruptible Power Supply Data Center


Uninterruptible Power Supply Data Center or otherwise shortened as UPS is a crucial part of data center. A data center will not be able to give satisfying result if it does not include this component. Regardless the amount of computer or server that you have, it is mandatory to install the component to your data center. Why this component is so important? In this article, we are going to talk about the important role of uninterruptible power supply on your data center.

Important Role of Uninterruptible Power Supply Data Center
To put it simply, uninterruptible power supply works in similar method as power backup. As you already know, your data server requires power to work properly. During a blackout, the servers stop processing data. Therefore, the data center cannot be used. You might have great financial loss due to this problem. In this case, power backup is required.

When the data center switch its power supply from the main source to the power backup, the power flow is interrupted. The interruption might occur in only few seconds. Few seconds are more than enough to cause problem in your server. In order to solve this issue, you need power backup that is able to supply power to your data server without interrupting the power flow. This is when uninterruptible power supply comes in handy.

Uninterruptible power supply is available in different types. The offline version is the cheapest one. When the power from main source is supplies the data center, the battery of offline UPS is charged. However, the power stored by this version remains stored in the battery. The power is automatically supplied to your data center when the power from main source is disconnected in blackout.

The second type of uninterruptible power supply is called line interactive. It promises better performance than the offline version. Compared to the previous type, the battery of line interactive UPS is charged by AC power from the main source. Even though the power from main source is active, this component also supplies power to your data center. However, it limits the power supplied. During blackout, the component supplies full power to replace the power from the main source.

As conclusion, a data center requires uninterruptible power supply to support its performance. Due to the critical function of this component, uninterruptible power supply is considered as necessary component on the infrastructure of your data server. Other than two types of UPS mentioned above, there are several other types that you can choose according to your data center infrastructure.