Data Center Environment
August 25, 2015

What is Green Data Center?


Green data center becomes a hot issue these days. It is true that operating a data center is costly. Business owners must spend lots of money on monthly energy bills because data center uses lots of power to run and to cool the equipment. This condition motivates business owners to find a cost effective solution. In other words, they try to reduce electricity consumption. The lower the electricity consumption, the lower the amount of monthly energy bills is. In this case, green data center is what all business owners actually need.

Basically, a green data center is a data center that is able to use energy efficiently and produce minimum environmental effects. There are 2 main things to consider when building a green data center. The first thing is the equipment and the second thing it the building. The devices used in such data center are the ones that are energy efficient. Energy efficient servers, networks, and storage should not need lots of power to run. Then, the design of the building should be sustainable in order to minimize building footprints. Low emission building materials, carpets and paints are recommended because they are not harmful to environment. The use of energy saving lighting helps reducing the electricity consumption. The electrical installation should be made as simple as possible so that no energy will be wasted.


Because there are many things to consider, building a green data center can be costly. This makes many business owners feel reluctant at first. However, even though the building cost is expensive, having a green data center helps business owners to save lots of money in the long run. When they do not need to pay lots of money for monthly energy bills and maintenance cost, they definitely can save their money. Thus, a green data center is a perfect solution for a modern data center.