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How to Do Server Management Virtually


Server management consists of two critical parts. Aside from the physical server management, you also need to manage the server virtually. Managing the server physically is easier since it only involves equipment and tools to keep the server running. Keeping the server in the right temperature is one example of this physical management. In other hand, managing the server virtually is something else entirely. Complicated coding and programs are required to ensure that it the server can be accessed without any problem. Since virtual management of a server is crucial, this article will mostly focus on how to manage the server virtually. Continue reading…

Persistent Chat Server Colocation


When you go to the main window of Lync, there you are going to find the icon of Chat Rooms which indicates that Persistent Chat has been set up on your organization. In this section you are going to know more regarding what persistent chat is. Persistent chat allows you to create discussion room based on topic which persists over time. It is where you are able to communicate as well as collaborate with some people that have common interest area. Thus, you will be able to share information and ideas by posting some messages in the real time. Continue reading…

Pros and Cons of Server Colocation


In the era where buying managed services of IT becomes the trend, there are more potential ways to help achieving business goal through IT infrastructure. The answer would be colocation and cloud as two strategies which will be able to help you to reach your goal. You need to find the best one that can support your business well. If you still wonder what colocation is, just pay attention to the further explanation in this section. By using colocation, it means that bandwidth and space are rented. By doing so, the business can use as well as maintain its equipment including servers. However, it will share some costs of physical security, cooling, floor space of data center, and power with another tenant. Continue reading…

Pros and Cons about Colocation Hosting vs Dedicated Server


When looking for hosting for your business, you will have two options available. You can choose either colocation hosting or dedicated server. Each option has respective pros and cons. Colocation hosting refers to particular facility leased in certain period. It means that you own the data center, but not the facility. The period often used for this leasing is either monthly or annually depending on the owner giving the lease. The price for colocation hosting is depending on the size and package offered. Of course, smaller package comes with lower bandwidth. It is highly recommended to select the size of colocation hosting package according to your need in order to save your budget. Continue reading…

Calculating Budget of How Much Does Server Colocation Cost


Why you need to know how much does server colocation cost? The cost for server colocation will help you to calculate the budget required. By figuring out the budget required, you can ensure that your server colocation will run as it is intended to be. As you might already notice, server colocation requires further maintenance as well. You need to spend more money in order to pay the maintenance. Unfortunately, the budget will not be sufficient if your budget is already spent for the server colocation. In general, the cost for server colocation is affected by several factors. Continue reading…